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Fido Joins the Family Festivies

The family dynamic has changed, as it now incorporates pets more than ever. Our pets are members of the famil, and so when we go on vacation, they can too! When we go out to a local eatery on the weekend, our four-legged family member may join us, however, not all establishments are pet friendly, so it is important to know where our furry friends will be accepted. It is also the responsibility of the pet owner to know the etiquette and requirements when bringing pets along on adventures.

Things to know when traveling. When going to a hotel, be aware there will more than likely be a pet fee charge at check-in and most hotels have a pet weight limit. Also, most pet friendly hotels apply only to dogs; it is rare to find a hotel that will accommodate cats or other animals, so unfortunately the ferret will have to stay home this time.

Going to eat with a dog is no longer uncommon; many restaurants accept our furry companions. Luckily, you don't have to travel out of state to participate in the dining experience with your four-legged friend. Call ahead to see if your particular restaurant is pet friendly. The only caveat when frequenting an eating establishment with your dog is that you won't get past the front door because of health reasons. You can bring your dog, but plan to dine outdoors. For many diners this is a simple request; outdoor seating is ofter a preferred option with or without a pet. However, if your dog is a service animal, under the American with Disabilities Act, you may all sit in the restaurant. Once seated, your dog must have the proper etiquette. Some rules with restaurants include: pets must be leashed, they cannot bark excessively, jump on the tables, or sit on the furniture. Pets must be current on their vaccinations as well. Some restaurants offer a pet friendly menu and water bowl.

Ensuring your pet has the best travel experience possible, there are some tips to keep in mind when going to your destination. If you are driving, crate your pet. Allow your dog to get a good amount of exercise and of course, make sure your pet has visited the bathroom before embarking! Be sure to make frequent, necessary stops along the way. Most rest stops have dog areas as well.


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